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  • River Fish
    River Fish

    Thriving in the beautiful rivers of Okumikawa, delicious river fish are a staple of Okumikawa cuisine.
    Catch fresh fish with your own hands at fishing spots called "yana," often called fishing weirs in English. Eat your fill of ayu sweetfish, char, trout, and various other kinds of fish at traditional ryokan inns, yana facilities, or local restaurants.

  • Kinuhime Salmon
    Kinuhime Salmon

    If you were to recommend a new type of river fish in Okumikawa, it would have to be "kinuhime salmon"! With almost no odor, it's also possible to enjoy this fish raw as sashimi. At Yagumoen in Shitara Town, try eating rice bowls topped with kinuhime salmon.

  • Royal Fish (Sturgeon)
    Royal Fish (Sturgeon)

    In Toyone Village, where 90% of the land is covered in forests, there is an abundance of clean water sources for urban areas. The origin point of this natural water source is where sturgeon are raised and harvested. Offered at four places within Toyone Village, the name "Royal Fish" (registered trademark) originates from being a food eaten by the nobility.

  • Vegetables & Mountain Vegetables
    Vegetables & Mountain Vegetables

    Starting with sweet and delicious tomatoes that are grown in the favorable plateau climate, lots of Mikawa vegetables are harvested in Okumikawa, such as "tengu eggplant" that resemble the long noses of mythical "tengu" from Japanese folklore. These vegetables can be found at roadside stations. In the spring, you can even eat mountain vegetables as tempura or in other appetizing dishes.

  • Gohei-Mochi

    Gohei-mochi is a famous local specialty in the Okumikawa area. Each mountainous area in the Chubu region of Japan makes its own characteristic gohei-mochi. Those who have never tried it will be quickly be hooked on this delectable mochi. When walking around the city, the smell of miso and soy sauce waft through the air. Since gohei-mochi is quite filling, it is recommended as either a meal or a snack!
    There are lots of stores selling gohei-mochi in Okumikawa, with numerous variations to enjoy. Gohei-mochi flavors vary depending on the store, each with their own unique qualities. You could even go on a food tour to compare all the different kinds!

  • Horai Beef
    Horai Beef

    Want to try slightly luxurious and delicious meat dishes?
    Horai beef rarely appears on the market, so it would hardly be an overstatement to say that you can only taste this rare meat in Okumikawa. This meat is truly exquisite, with firm fatty meat and melt-in-your-mouth red meat that's sweet to the taste.
    This is a must-try dish when visiting Okumikawa.

  • Toei Town Chicken
    Toei Town Chicken

    Enjoy meals made from chicken raised with pride in Okumikawa.
    In the abundant nature of Okumikawa, the meat of chickens raised with fresh water is safe and high-quality, without the distinctive smell of chickens raised on chicken feed. Processed meat flavored with miso or soy sauce is also sold directly by the farmers or at roadside stations.
    Raised with great effort by local farmers, you won't want to miss the taste of Toei Town chicken.

  • Blueberries

    Okumikawa in Aichi Prefecture is a popular place for blueberry cultivation. You can even pick your own blueberries at farms between June and August.
    Compared to neighboring prefectures, Aichi Prefecture has a large number of blueberry farms.
    Definitely take a trip and try blueberry picking for yourself!

  • Wild Game
    Wild Game

    Wild game refers to dishes made with deer, boar, or wild birds. In France, where hunting is popular, these high-quality ingredients have long been prized. With a rustic taste that pairs well with wine, wild game is something to take notice of in Japan, too. As a result, there has been a boom in recent years and the number of places that offer wild game has increased. Enjoy nature's bounty in the form of wild game.

  • Dam Curry
    Dam Curry

    Dam Curry is curry rice arranged to resemble a dam, with rice as the dam and curry as the water.
    You don't have to love dams to be a fan of this curry!
    Come and try Shin-Toyone Dam Curry, Sakuma Dam Curry, Horai Dam Curry, and Shitara Dam Curry.