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Basic Policies

Aichi Prefecture Okumikawa's Official Tourism Site "VISIT OKUMIKAWA" (hereafter "this site") is committed to the appropriate collection, use, and management of personal information, together with the proper respect for the privacy of those who browse this sight (hereafter "users") in order that users may use this site without cause for concern.

Personal Information

Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify a specific individual, such as full names, addresses, and email addresses.

This site uses a type of web browsing technology called "cookies." Cookies are text files which are used to identify computers that access the home page. As the cookies on this site are used only to identify computers, information such as addresses, names, personal information, IDs, or passwords are not included. For that reason, so long as personal information is not input or provided, individuals cannot be identified.

If you use a browser without cookies or intentionally block cookies, most of the contents of this site will still be available for browsing. However, some pages may have limited functionality.

About the Use and Sharing of Personal Information

The personal information collected from users shall only be used in accordance with the limits of a previously specified purpose for collection and shall not be used or distributed within the organization, unless the agreement of the user is received or as required by law.

About the Management of Personal Information

Appropriate measures will be taken to prevent the divulgence, loss, or damage of personal information collected from users. Personal information that is no longer needed shall be deleted quickly and completely.

Web Server Registration

This site records access information in log files. Log files are used only for the purpose of improving the site and investigating any unauthorized access. Log files are not able to identify specific individuals.

Scope of Use

The scope of this Privacy Policy applies only to this site.

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